Add vCloud Harddisks with PowerCLI

July 13, 2012 by Jake Robinson

In vCloud API/GUI Throwdown part 2, I showed you how to modify VM disk sizes in vCloud Director while the VM is still powered on. However, we did *not* cover adding new disks to a VM.

Adding new harddisks is a little tricky because of the implementation of the object in the SDK.. The conversion from XML to a .NET object is not an easy thing, especially with the vCloud API’s intricate nodes, elements, attributes, etc. Because of this, you can’t create a representation of a harddisk as a .NET object. Trust me, I’ve tried.

That being said, we’re working with a REST API, and Powershell LOVES REST APIs. Using the [System.Net.WebRequest] class, we can talk HTTP just like any web browser. That means we can use the 4 HTTP methods used in REST APIs: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.

So, with a mix of PowerCLI and some Powershell .NET magic, I give you… New-CIHarddisk! I made this one an advanced function, so you can just pipe a vCloud VM to it, like so:

*Note the harddisk size is in bytes.

Here are a couple different ways to run the command:


# Passing VM via pipeline
Get-CIVM "MyVM" | New-CIHarddisk -size 10240

# Or just using a VM name
New-CIHarddisk -vm "MyVM" -size 10240


Here’s what it looks like after you add more harddisks to a running VM…I may have had a little too much fun with this one:

So enjoy, but be careful!






































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