And the Cloud Race is on…

May 30, 2010 by Kim Graham Lee

Today is a big day in Indianapolis!  It’s the annual running of the Indianapolis 500. While members of my family are there, I opted to stay home and get a jump-start on the week ahead.

Things are very exciting and very busy these days helping drive the BlueLock car in the cloud computing space and race. The field has grown since our Indianapolis-based company first launched in 2006 focused on providing Infrastructure as a Service. Recently, Cloud Computing Journal shared its listing of the Top 250 Players in the Cloud Computing Ecosystem up from 150 it shared in January. BlueLock was there. My guess is that there may be a Top 500 list before too long.

Winning in the BlueLock playbook isn’t about being listed on a cloud list. It’s about driving real value for our clients and helping them cross the finish line. We are an important member of their technology pit crew responsible for ensuring that the engines are running well. With almost four years under our belt, we have spent our lifetime in the cloud and have important experience (including important learning from the mistakes) unlike many of the new entrants.

As the cloud race continues and it will, the field will eventually clear and the best cloud companies still on the track will be those that provide real value–security, reliability, scalability, cost effectiveness. Keep watching and who knows…maybe BlueLock will be an Indy 500 car sponsor someday!