Are Cloud Vendors Really Ignoring Consumer’s Concerns?

December 7, 2009 by Brian Wolff

Recently, a few articles have popped up with the accusation that cloud computing vendors and providers are ignoring IT pros’ concerns.

Carl Brooks recently quoted: "The results of a new Forrester Research survey show that while awareness around cloud computing has grown by leaps and bounds, the concerns of potential adopters remain the same. But apparently vendors and cloud promoters didn’t get the memo."

A Forrester survey entitled "State Of Emerging SMB Hardware: 2009 To 2010" questioned around 3,000 business respondents. Roughly 51% of those respondents named uncertainty about security in cloud environments the biggest obstacle to adoption.

The concepts of cloud computing and its many benefits and advantages are becoming widespread knowledge, but the accusation is that cloud computing service providers are not doing enough to alleviate concerns around security, namely by providing specifics about how they are securing data.

Let’s be frank here, BlueLock is not going to give away our "secret sauce" about how exactly we go about securing our clients’ data, but I can tell you that we are completely open with the security vendors we have chosen (IBM ISS, CheckPoint, and we’ve got a great relationship with Shavlik Technologies).

We have clients with PCI compliance needs, clients with HIPAA requirements and more.  While we aren’t out shouting about our security, rest assured, we wouldn’t have three successful years of providing IaaS cloud computing behind our belts without it.  Not with our clients, that’s for sure.

One of the biggest reasons most providers are not out there telling security stories is because no one wants to make their data center a target.  Clients with high security needs won’t talk about their story either, for the most part, because they don’t want people to know where their data is or how its being protected (because that would make them a target too).  So just because providers aren’t making a bunch of noise about cloud security doesn’t mean we aren’t doing anything about it.  Every decision BlueLock makes when it comes to our cloud architecture comes down to a question of security.  If our clients aren’t secure they aren’t happy and we are no longer providing a valuable service as their trusted partner.

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