About Pat O'Day

With more than 20 years of information technology experience, Bluelock Chief Technology Officer Pat O’Day is widely recognized as an early leader in Infrastructure-as-a-Service, enterprise cloud computing and VMware-virtualized technologies. O’Day cofounded Bluelock in 2006 and today he helps to define Bluelock’s services, spearhead strategic vendor alliances and oversee solution strategies.

Our own Disaster Recovery Simulation: 7 Key Steps to Follow

November 24, 2014 by Pat O'Day

Recently Bluelock ran a full disaster recovery simulation on our own services and infrastructure in order to measure our ability to support continuous operations during an unplanned situation. Bluelock continuously tests its own resiliency in various formats on an ongoing basis, but our latest DR simulation was the most important test of the year. In…

VMware vCloud Air Network: The next generation of the vCloud

August 21, 2014 by Pat O'Day

As you’ve likely heard, the VMware vCloud ecosystem has been reborn as the VMware® vCloud Air™ Network. This is much more than a re-branding effort, it represents the next era of VMware’s cloud strategy. The news and the program itself are very new so the full scope of the effort will become clearer as the…

Cloud Wars: Friendly Fire – Part 3

December 28, 2011 by Pat O'Day

In Part 1 and Part 2 of Cloud Wars: Friendly Fire, we covered some of the challenges cloud advocates and early adopters are experiencing within their own organization as well as some of the reasons that they may be receiving pushback. In this third and final segment of the series, we'll cover some additional challenges and…

Cloud Wars: Friendly Fire – Part 2

December 19, 2011 by Pat O'Day

It's important to know that while the challenges I listed in Cloud Wars: Friendly Fire – Part 1 are very real, the core IT department is behaving that way for some very good reasons. They are struggling with not only the transition to cloud, mobile devices, big data, SaaS and social media but also with…

Cloud Wars: Why History Will Repeat Itself

November 1, 2011 by Pat O'Day

Battles over formats and standards in the technology industry aren’t new. Whether it was e-mail, word processing, graphical images or even some more current like the apps on your smart phone, each new innovation typically starts out somewhat proprietary and incompatible. Today we live in a world where a lot of those battles have been…

Cloud Wars: Friendly Fire – Part 1

October 27, 2011 by Pat O'Day

The Cloud Wars have already begun and as in all conflicts, the most unfortunate incidents are caused by friendly fire. From a cloud computing perspective, it occurs most often when people who want to try or have tried public or hybrid cloud are challenged by peers or counterparts in their own companies.  I’ve been thinking…