Behind the Datacenter Doors: 15 Minutes or Less

September 24, 2013 by Diana Nolting

“Behind the Datacenter Doors” is an occasional series that will highlight different communications strategies and policies leveraged by our Services Team to satisfy our customers.

Behind the Datacenter Doors

As a customer-oriented cloud services company, Bluelock is committed to helping our customers achieve success in the cloud. That success is dependent on good communication between our Services Team at the datacenter and our customers in their own locations across the globe.

In this blog series our services team will take questions from our customers and open the line of communication to share our policies and procedures in hopes of providing clarity and peace of mind. This post’s question is one that is often posed to our services team.

“If something were to go wrong with Bluelock’s datacenter, or if there were to be a disruption, how soon would I know?”

This question is rooted in seeking peace of mind. Bluelock customers and end-users often deal with the new feeling of not being able to touch or see the hardware their applications are hosted on. For those experiencing public cloud for the first time, it can be unsettling to give up a certain degree of hands-on control.

Information can be powerful, especially in terms of your team’s time and energy in troubleshooting your own production environments as well as our engineers’ ability to troubleshoot our own, should they need to.

That’s why our policy is to communicate with all impacted users within a target window of 15 minutes should there be a service interruption that could impact a client workload. This policy was initiated through customer suggestion and has been a great addition to Bluelock’s customer service initiatives.

It’s important to understand exactly what that first notice will contain. The communication will likely be very limited in scope, and it may not provide all of the information you need or would like to have. It may not include exactly which VMs were affected or in what way they were affected if that information cannot be discerned in the 15-minute timeframe.

The communication will, however, notify you know of an identified issue. It will provide you the earliest possible notice. We will also be as informative as possible in the note. We will tell you what we know at that point in time as well as provide our estimated target for our next communication.

As a reminder, if at any point you are experiencing problems with your environments we encourage you to submit a ticket to the Customer Support Team. Regardless whether you have received notice from our team or not, submitting a ticket is the fastest way to receive a response from our hard-working engineers.

In order to ensure the communications we’re sending are as relevant as possible, routine, scheduled maintenance that will not impact client workloads will not be communicated except for within the already published maintenance schedule. Communications received from our Services Team contain high-priority and timely notifications that should be read.

Are you a Bluelock customer who has a question for our Services Team? Submit your inquiries to and it could be featured in a future “Behind the Datacenter Doors” blog post.