Behind the Datacenter Doors: The Fastest Way to Reach a Bluelock Services Member

October 28, 2013 by Diana Nolting

“Behind the Datacenter Doors” is an occasional series that will highlight different communications strategies and policies leveraged by our Services Team to satisfy our customers.


In this blog series our services team takes questions from our customers to open the lines of communication. This week's question is one that is on the mind of every customer at some point:

“What's the fastest way to receive help from the Bluelock services team? Should I call, email or text?”

Believe it or not, the fastest way to reach a Bluelock Services team member is to submit a ticket through NetSuite case system by logging in online. We understand that at times it can feel counterintuitive that submitting a ticket is faster than picking up the phone to call or text someone directly. However, the Bluelock team has extensive experience that shows submitting a request through the ticketing system leads to the fastest resolution of the issue.  

Bluelock strives to provide excellent customer service for all customers.  Our Bluelock Support department works extensively to answer all requests, concerns and address any issues clients are having.  In order to track those issues and ensure everyone has the latest information, a large queue is broadcasted inside the Bluelock Operations Center (the BLOC). That queue holds and organizes the requests in order of priority, based on severity level and the time the ticket was submitted.  It also shows who is working on the request at that time.

So, if someone calls in a request via phone rather than the ticketing system, the person who answers the phone then has to take down the information via phone, open up a ticket in the system, and then that request goes into the queue.  If an individual Service Support individual is contacted via email or text, they may not have access to the ticketing system in a timely fashion if they’re off-site with another customer or away from their computer.  That can add even more time to resolving the case while someone else could have been working on it.

The individual who receives the request via phone, email or text, then needs to input the case into NetSuite for it to be assigned and prioritized before it can begin to be resolved.  Because you are the most familiar with your own environment, you can provide more information about the issue you’re seeing than our team can when filling out the issue resolution request on your behalf.

Due to the number of clients we have and the number of environments associated with each client, it isn’t feasible for our team to be able to best serve everyone without a tracking system. The NetSuite ticketing system allows for the Support team to not only accurately track, queue and assess requests, but it also provides visibility and helps keep a detailed audit log of every request which betters our processes and procedures in the long-run.   

Are you a Bluelock customer who has a question for our Services Team? Submit your inquiries to, and it could be featured in a future “Behind the Datacenter Doors” blog post.

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