Bluelock Becomes SAP-Certified

July 15, 2014 by Megan Gish

We’re pleased to announce that Bluelock is now an SAP-certified provider of cloud and hosting services for SAP® solutions. This certification confirms Bluelock’s ability to deliver high-quality cloud and hosting services for customers running SAP solutions.

As an SAP-certified provider of cloud and hosting services, Bluelock will provide a cost-effective delivery model for mission-critical SAP applications. To achieve this certification from SAP, Bluelock’s infrastructure, physical and logical security measures, processes, portal, and technical staff went through extensive review by SAP to validate the operational integration of its support of SAP applications to help ensure compliance with SAP’s requirements for quality, availability and security. As an SAP-certified provider of cloud and hosting services for SAP solutions, Bluelock can perform a range of IT services related to SAP applications, from initial proof-of-concepts to rapid deployments for customers of their SAP solutions.

“Companies that rely on Bluelock for its secure, compliant and scalable cloud and hosting services for their applications can benefit from reduced operational expenses and the ability to focus on the business value of their solutions rather than on infrastructure,” said Martin Van Buren, chief operating officer at Bluelock.

To further ensure ongoing high standards for the management of SAP® solutions, SAP-certified providers of cloud and hosting services for SAP solutions undergo a rigorous assessment of their delivery and support capabilities every two years by SAP’s outsourcing partner certification group.

“Bluelock’s certification lets our clients know that the SAP solution-based development, test and production workloads they deploy using VMware’s vCloud service have passed SAP’s rigorous certification process,” said Evan Kaliner, Director, Solutions Network, Deloitte Consulting, LLP.  “Our clients can have the comfort in knowing that Bluelock’s cloud and hosting services have been reviewed by SAP.”

It’s no doubt that we will utilize our deep cloud expertise to deliver hosting services for SAP solutions in a simple, efficient manner to solve advanced business challenges.

Let us know how we can help you. Connect with the Bluelock team to discuss your unique cloud needs.