Bluelock Clients Offer Candid Cloud Stories

November 8, 2011 by Jon Corwin

VMware recently released their first installment of ‘Public Cloud Diaries.’ We’re proud to announce that Bluelock offered up nine of the sixteen cloud entries. This project documents business situations and challenges that companies experience when moving to the public cloud. Entries capture the clients' key requirements for selecting a cloud vendor and the business benefits they experienced with a public cloud solution.
VMware Public Cloud Diaries






Learn how real companies are solving real problems with enterprise public clouds. Use case overviews are divided into seven business verticals; business services, communications, healthcare, insurance, non-profit, retailer and software. Each public cloud story details the organization’s move to the cloud, cloud requirements, solution, and return on investment. Candid interviews with company executives and decision makers helped to assemble a fact-based corporate biography if the journey to public or hybrid cloud computing.
WoundVision, one of Bluelock's clients featured in the diaries, just released a new case study sharing their Bluelock cloud story. WoundVision, a wound care industry pioneer in advanced wound detection technology, needed a highly secure cloud platform to ensure the safety of sensitive healthcare data, as well as a highly scalable solution for growing and unpredictable client workloads. Bluelock provided the level of scalability, security and value they required. Learn more about WoundVision’s journey to the cloud on our Case Studies page.
Also make sure to download a copy of VMware’s Public Cloud Diaries (PDF) to learn more about the cloud computing success stories.