Bluelock Extends Capabilities of RaaS Solution Suite

July 1, 2014 by Megan Gish

Bluelock is pleased to announce the expansion of our Recovery-as-a-Service solution suite to include the 4048 Virtual Datacenter, a recoverable backup repository in the cloud, ideal for simple, affordable recovery of lower tier workloads.

4048 Virtual DatacenterWe’ve been providing top tier Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS), or cloud-based disaster recovery, solutions since early 2013. Through this experience, we’ve seen firsthand how cumbersome, costly and complex it can be for customers to try to recover files from traditional commodity backup services, compared to a true cloud-based recovery solution. To enable a simpler and more affordable total recovery experience, we invested in expanding our recovery solution suite to include a recoverable backup repository in the cloud.

The recoverable backup repository is located adjacent to hot compute, which speeds up recovery time, lowers risk and lowers capital expenditures. The Bluelock 4048 Virtual Datacenter (VDC) is a secure, encrypted offsite backup storage location that requires no secondary site management and can quickly scale on demand when a recovery is needed.

Take a look at key features and functionality of Bluelock’s Recovery-as-a-Service 4048 VDC:

  • Add reliable recovery capability, including off-site storage, without adding complexity to your existing daily backup solution.
  • Automated setup through a wizard allows quick deployment and creation of your pay-as-you-go 4048 VDC.
  • Used backup storage is billed at only $0.30/GB/month, and clients can leverage compression and de-duplication to save on storage costs.
  • All backup data stored is encrypted in-flight and at rest, regardless of the backup solution’s ability to encrypt.
  • Recover at Gbps LAN speeds, unlike WAN solutions traditionally restored over the Internet.

Bluelock RaaS enables customers to manage all tiers of their recovery portfolio through a single interface, Bluelock Portfolio. By working with Bluelock for multiple tiers of application recovery, clients are able to efficiently work with one team in the event of a disaster, bringing back critical applications and data in the proper order, which decreases complexity and increases the likelihood of a successful recovery.

“The 4048 VDC adds no complexity to your existing daily backup solution,” explains Ben Miller, Product Solutions Director at Bluelock. “Simply point your backup replication software to the Bluelock Virtual Datacenter. With direct connection to a proven cloud infrastructure platform, customers have access to a second datacenter in which to run applications as long as needed, until their own datacenter is back in working order.”

Learn more about our Recovery-as-a-Service and Bluelock Portfolio on our website or by contacting a Bluelock representative today.