Bluelock Named one of CRN’s Top 20 Cloud Infrastructure Vendors of 2011

April 14, 2011 by Jon Corwin
Bluelock in CRN Top 20 Cloud Infrastructure Vendors of 2011 ListThe cloud computing space is saturated with vendors. Identifying quality solution providers to leverage the cloud can become a daunting task for any solutions team. Thankfully, CRN has taken the pain out of sifting through vendor options. Whether the end result is to boost agility, manage the unknown, or future proof a business, cloud computing has clearly shifted from a “classic disruptive technology” to the next great IT frontier. The cloud paradigm shift is comprised of five segments: cloud platforms, infrastructure, security, storage and software and apps. Each vendor’s approach and solutions do cloud a little differently—a testament to all the ways cloud computing can accommodate your IT strategy.
Among CRN’s Top 100 is their list of Top 20 Cloud Infrastructure Vendors of 2011. Once known as “utility computing,” the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers supply a platform virtualization environment (CPU, RAM, storage, bandwidth) as a service. Rather than incur large fixed costs, businesses outsource computing power to ameliorate fluctuating project agendas, priorities, and future variables. Cutting costs, reducing space constraints, lower management overhead and on-demand and scalable compute capacity on-demand best capture ‘the why’ of this infrastructure component. Bluelock was awarded a spot in the Top 20 list for our managed VMware vCloud Datacenter services. Our SAS-70 Type II certified datacenters also ensure data in the cloud is protected. Read more about CRN’s methodology in choosing their Top 100 as well as Bluelock’s recognition in their full feature.