Bluelock Joins the Switch CLOUD CITY Ecosystem

June 6, 2013 by Diana Nolting

When Bluelock expanded its datacenter presence to the Switch SUPERNAP facility in Las Vegas, it gained more than a west coast location. Bluelock and its clients gained the benefits of membership in the Switch C.U.B.E inside the Switch CLOUD CITY.

The Switch C.U.B.E. stands for the Cloud Ubiquitous Business Exchange.  It’s an ecosystem of cloud providers who have co-located their infrastructure in the Switch SUPERNAP to provide customers multi-tenancy and the option to use services across providers at the lowest latency possible.  Bluelock’s IaaS and RaaS solutions join a long list of sought-after providers with a presence in the CLOUD CITY environment.

“Bluelock needed a strong West Coast datacenter presence and The Switch SUPERNAP Las Vegas facility is one of the safest, most powerful datacenter facilities with the strongest connectivity,” said Pat O’Day, chief technology officer at Bluelock. “The SUPERNAP represents innovation, security and reliability for more than 600 global customers. Switch is a clear leader in the datacenter market and we are excited about this partnership and our involvement in Switch CLOUD CITY.”

“As a leading provider of Cloud IaaS, Bluelock is an exciting addition to the Switch SUPERNAP and Switch C.U.B.E. Bluelock brings many years of cloud experience and leading edge Virtual Datacenter solutions to the ecosystem and we’re thrilled their expertise will enable true hybrid cloud deployments for current and future customers of Switch,” said Jason Mendenhall, executive vice president of cloud at Switch.

Learn more about what Bluelock’s presence in the Switch CLOUD CITY ecosystem will mean for clients of Bluelock and clients of Switch.