Bluelock Launches Cloud-based Recovery-as-a-Service Solution

May 7, 2013 by Diana Nolting

Bluelock’s new Recovery-as-a-Service offerings deliver the benefits of a multi-tenant cloud with the latest recovery technology for a highly reliable, testable recovery solution. These 4-Series Virtual Datacenters enable organizations to recover critical IT resources with increased efficiencies and complete effectiveness when an adverse situation strikes.

“As a global provider, we know disasters can happen anytime, anywhere.  We’re confident in our selection of Bluelock for our cloud-based Recover-as-a-Service solution,” said Bryan Bond, Senior Systems Engineer, eMeter a Siemens Business.  “We now have confidence that our mission critical applications can be back up and running quickly in the case of a disaster. And, because testing is easy and accessible, I know exactly what to expect when I need to declare.”

With businesses’ increased reliance on technology, the cost of downtime is higher than ever. Whether an organization’s concerns are focused on specific types of incidents such as application corruption, virus, natural disaster, or the need to fulfill a specific service level agreement (SLA) or regulatory requirement, organizations of all sizes are seeking reliable disaster recovery solutions.

Bluelock now offers two types of RaaS solutions, a “To-Cloud” solution for customers who want to recover workloads hosted in their own facilities and an “In-Cloud” solution for current Bluelock cloud customers.  Both offerings require no re-working of applications, are easily testable and are 100% compatible with VMware.

Bluelock’s To-Cloud RaaS solution offers businesses running VMware-virtualized environments the ability to recover data to a proven, enterprise-grade Bluelock Virtual Datacenter. Designed for ease-of-management, testing and verification, this innovative RaaS solution provides effective replication and recovery for production applications.

Bluelock’s In-Cloud RaaS solution is the ideal RaaS offering for Bluelock customers with critical workloads that require geographically-separated recovery environments. Bluelock has integrated a complete set of technologies and services that enables a testable and verified disaster recovery implementation. Using innovative replication technology, Bluelock’s solution provides effective replication of production applications to a second Bluelock datacenter.

“Achieving and optimizing the appropriate balance between IT disaster recovery capabilities, affordability and risk mitigation is central to Bluelock’s RaaS solutions,” said Pat O’Day, Chief Technology Officer, Bluelock. “Bluelock’s 4-Series Virtual Datacenters provide an affordable and effective product for both Bluelock customers and companies who want to recover into Bluelock’s proven enterprise-grade cloud environment at a compelling price point.”

Bluelock’s To-Cloud and In-Cloud RaaS solutions are powered by Zerto Virtual Replication.

“We are proud that Zerto Virtual Replication was selected as the foundation for Bluelock’s Recovery-as-a-Service offerings,” said Ziv Kedem, CEO and co-founder of Zerto. “Bluelock’s proven and reliable Virtual Datacenters, together with Zerto’s enterprise-grade, VMware vCloud® integrated replication technology, provide Bluelock customers with simple, cost-effective cloud disaster recovery.” 

Key Benefits of Bluelock Recovery-as-a-Service:

  • No application modification required to obtain recovery protection
  • Recover into a proven, enterprise-grade cloud environment that can support and run production resources successfully
  • Easy and effective testing (free twice a year when pre-scheduled with Bluelock)
  • Accurately predict and manage monthly expenses with access to replication service costs in Bluelock Portfolio
  • Fully compatible with VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud®
  • Based on Zerto Virtual Replication

Bluelock’s RaaS solutions are available immediately. To learn more about Bluelock’s RaaS offering, please visit: