Bluelock Portfolio: Enhancements to Customer Portal

August 4, 2014 by Megan Gish

We’re happy to announce the availability of major enhancements to our customer portal, Bluelock Portfolio. The update provides enhanced cost analysis capabilities allowing customers to clearly reconcile their invoice with their online resource tracking, pull historical invoice data, and easily export cost data.

Bluelock PortfolioWe launched Portfolio in 2011 and it was known as the industry’s first cloud-aware decision support tool. Since its initial launch, we’ve added enhancement capabilities across cost analysis, datacenter visibility, managed service, and Recovery-as-a-Service. Like we mentioned early, the latest enhancements were guided by customer feedback, and allow customers to quickly reconcile their resource usage costs within Portfolio and their invoices. They can also easily export costs by VM, vApp or VDC with clear, concise billing that is easy to understand and share across business units.

We know that customers have a lot of urgent priorities competing for their time, and every minute counts. Bluelock’s Product Solutions Director Ben Miller explains, “Portfolio’s latest cost analysis enhancements simplify and clarify how cloud resource usage directly matches their monthly invoice, and allows for easy data exporting abilities for deeper analysis.”

Miller continues, “The clear, concise billing saves customers time and money because they spend less time interpreting invoices and can quickly determine what portion of the cloud budget each business unit spent. Easy exporting ability makes understanding the costs of specific applications or business units for budgets or chargeback easier than ever.”

Key features and functionality of Bluelock Portfolio:

  • Only cloud portal that enables customers to forecast and predict costs and resource-use based on their monthly use to-date
  • View actual resource use and projected usage, and make adjustments based on those updates
  • Easily understand your invoices by matching billing to resource use, then exporting
  • Access insightful graphs to tightly match resource allocation to need across memory, CPU, Disk IO and Network
  • Access and share usage and cost reports easily with other business units, partners and clients
  • Track your protected recovery workloads to ensure business cost, risk alignment, successful replication and tests

But don’t just take our word for it. Learn more on the benefits of these key enhancements:

“Bluelock Portfolio showcases details I can’t even get with my own internal infrastructure,” explains Bryan Bond, sr. systems administrator, Siemens eMeter. “Being able to see my resource consumption from the top level all the way down ensure I’m getting the most out of my budget, and not leaving anything on the table.”

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