Bluelock Portfolio gives you the vCloud Forecast

January 23, 2012 by Jake Robinson

Portfolio, Bluelock’s vCloud portal and decision support tool just learned a new skill: Cost Projection!

Bluelock already excels in providing predictable costs in the cloud, but what about those months you need to burst by adding additional resources to your capacity? Portfolio is now outfitted with helpful run rate calculations, allowing you to see early on what your costs will be at the end of the month.

Portfolio cost projection

By knowing your cost projection well in advance, you’ll be able to dial back the resources in use, or for example, see what adding 100 new users worth of resources to your application will cost you on a monthly basis.

Also in this release, we’ve added some granularity to your organization costs. Previously, catalog storage was combined with the rest of the organization costs, but now catalog costs are completely transparent to you.

vCloud Catalog cost
vCloud Catalog cost

By breaking catalog storage costs into it’s own column, you have even more visibility into how your virtual datacenters at Bluelock are being utilized.

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