CA Announces IT Process Automation Manager – Developed on BlueLock’s Cloud!

October 14, 2010 by John Ellis

At VMworld Europe 2010 today CA announced their CA IT Process Automation Manager now integrates with VMware’s vCloud Director. CA developers have been working within BlueLock’s vCloud Datacenter, conjuring the latest and greatest with our vCloud API reference implementation. It has been great working with CA, and we are excited to see what software vendors are developing with our public cloud!

With CA IT Process Automation Manager workloads can be managed in a more flexible fashion. A great use case is "bursting" capacity to a public cloud on-demand by quickly spinning up workloads into a vCloud Datacenter. This is perfect for those times where you suddenly find your organization being promininently displayed on the morning news for your great new business idea… instead of buckling under a surge of traffic you can rise up and scale in the cloud.

Some interesting stuff is pouring out of VMworld Europe 2010. Now that it is becoming increasingly more simple to move workloads into Infrastructure as a Service providers (thanks to the OVF spec, a more flexible vCloud API and self-contained vApp constructs) we will likely see a lot more 3rd party product releases in the public cloud space. ISVs will likely not only build products for provisioning and governance of virtual infrastructure, but a good deal of software development shops will likely start providing ready-to-go applications as vApps. If that means no longer having to fenagle a database install alongside every enterprise application, I will be one happy hacker.