Careers at Bluelock: What is the “Bluelock Difference”?

August 15, 2013 by Diana Nolting

A few months ago the entire Bluelock staff was working in cross-departmental teams doing top-secret R&D. Marketing, operations, engineering and finance were all on cross-functional teams whose work was so secretive, they didn’t even want to let their co-workers know what the results of their testing and development were until the final “unveiling”.

When we came together a few weeks later to unveil their results, it’s safe to say everyone was hoping they wouldn’t be the ones to end up with egg on their face.


The staff at Bluelock had split into teams to see who could create the ideal “egg drop vehicle” that could transport a raw egg through an eight-foot drop without damaging it. Each cross-departmental team was given a list of materials to use and points were awarded for both the winning team as well as to the team to engineer a solution using the fewest number of materials.

This was just one example of what the Bluelock Difference is all about.  On our website you’ll read about the Bluelock Difference in terms of our solutions offering better transparency, agility and customer service than any one else. What you won’t read about there, however, is what it takes to keep the entire Bluelock staff dedicated to being the best and creating the most customer-focused, innovative solutions possible.  Operation “Egg Drop” was just one example of how Bluelock keeps everyone thinking creatively.  

“I enjoy working at Bluelock for several reasons,” explains Accounting Specialist Jenna Boyington. “I’ve been given the opportunity to grow my career and skill sets as we work through new projects and challenges.” 

Boyington goes on to explain that though there are a lot of fun perks like cook-outs, contests and games, there’s more to the Bluelock than just the perks. “We have a great support group of people that work as a team to get the best solution for our customers.”

Support Administrator John Teegan echoes that statement. “The past two years have provided me with many challenging and rewarding experiences. Bluelock recruits a great team of individuals who not only work well together, but make it a priority to help each other reach their professional goals.”

Teegan continues, “Bluelock is truly focused on ensuring its employees succeed, and to that end, they have helped me, as well as many others, grow personally and professionally. I love working at Bluelock!”

By filling the company with creative, collaborative, customer-oriented individuals, Bluelock is able to provide creative solutions that the customers can count on.

“Joining the Bluelock team has been a great decision,” explains Anne Dunning, sales operations, “I’m surrounded by smart, fun, wonderful people who are passionate about the success of our customers. The culture is great and I’m treated as an important member of the team.”

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