Cloud Computing: Microsoft vs. Google

July 15, 2009 by Alicia Gaba

As Microsoft announced their intention to begin testing Office as a cloud-based offering we are seeing two things happening: cloud computing getting a little more mainstream and Google seeing a little competition against Google docs.

Though cloud computing is more mainstream than some would argue, this announcement brings a little more buzz and noise into the cloud (specifically software-as-a-service) than there was before, no question about it.

The new version of Office – which is expected to be released early next year – is said to heavily focus on web-based versions of some of its most popular services, like Word and Excel, which appears to be directly aimed at cutting off users from adopting similar features being offered in the cloud from Google.

In making its announcement today, Microsoft said that when Office 2010 is officially launched, half a billion people will have access to its applications in the cloud.   This should prove to make some people very happy, and others very weary…you never know when a system could go down, and there goes that spreadsheet you’ve been working on all day (or all month).  However, I’ve got faith that there are people at Microsoft thinking about that very same problem.

And there’s always good things that come out of friendly competition like that of Microsoft and Google – better solutions, something we should all be happy to see moving forward.

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