Cloud Computing Providers: Accountability and High Availability

July 13, 2010 by Bob Roudebush

Potential cloud computing prospects make the assertion thata all cloud service providers promise availability that is “high.”  Their contention often is that an internal IT department could potentially provide the same level of high availability.  And to some extent, they’re correct. 

So what can an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) company like BlueLock promise relative to what a company would be able to achieve if it had invested in its own on-premises data center for a departmental application, for example?  Accountability.

The entire premise underlying the value of cloud hosting is that by sharing a pool of physical resources, IaaS clouds can aggregate all of that compute capacity to deliver better scalability and availability than any one company could provide (even a large F500 company) on their own.  In addition, BlueLock specializes in managed IaaS cloud offerings which add a layer of people on top of that compute capacity and are able to manage those hosted resources as well as (and many times better) than that company could on its own.  Whether or not one takes stock in either of these assertions, the difference between hosting this in an outsourced data center versus one on-premise is the accountability aspect.  With an outsourced solution, companies can have SLAs in place with guaranteed commitments and financial penalties if those commitments aren’t met.  Typically an individual business unit wouldn’t have this “stick” to use with an internal IT department.