Cloud News Report: Top 3 in Cloud – VMworld 2014 Edition

August 27, 2014 by Megan Gish

This special VMworld edition of the Cloud News Report highlights our top three favorite news articles covering VMworld 2014.

The Bluelock team is having a great time out in San Francisco at this year’s VMWorld event. Our team has been busy at the Bluelock booth (#2335) speaking to VMware employees, partners and industry leaders about their IT personality. Are you an IT Builder or IT Disruptor, and what does that mean for your team? Stop by the booth to find out or take the What’s your IT personality quiz online. In between insightful sessions and booth time, we’re reading all the exciting news coming out of VMworld. Take a look at our three favorite articles so far:

VMworld 2014: Be brave and partner, says Gelsinger

VMware announced partnerships with OpenStack, Docker, and Google that “will allow VMware to offer customers a single unified and professional-grade stack for running cloud operations.” With these announcements and the changing landscape of the virtualization and cloud industry, IT leaders are entering into a brave new world where they must innovate and create value for customers in new and powerful ways.

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The Changing Face of EUC

Portions of Tuesday’s VMworld keynote were devoted to VMware’s End-User Computing division. VMware demonstrated expanded capabilities in Horizon 6, improvements in Blast protocol, and CloudVolumes. The biggest takeaway made by Sean’s IT Blog centered around Horizon Suite, which allowed “Engineers and Product Managers to access a desktop with AutoCAD from Safari on an iPad or Chromebook from any jobsite in the country and provide feedback to engineers in the office. 

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VMworld 2014: Protecting Network Admin Jobs in the Age of SDN

In this Enterprise Networking Planet article, Jude Chao asserts, “in the brave new world of cloud, network virtualization, and software defined networking, a network admin who doesn’t change with the times may soon find himself out of a job.” Partrick Hubbard, SolarWinds “Head Geek” goes on to say that the changing face of the enterprise network provides, “an opportunity for more ambitious admins to get involved in applications as they never have before.”

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What news are you reading out of VMworld? Please share in the comments below!