Cloud News Report: Top 3 in Cloud – Week Ending in June 11

June 11, 2014 by Megan Gish

The Cloud News Report is a weekly list of our top three favorite cloud computing articles from the past week.

Not every company is good at developing and executing a cloud strategy–especially a successful one. Key considerations need to be made before implementing a cloud strategy. IT’s needs and the needs of the business as a whole need to be identified and fulfilled as completely as possible.

Read this week’s top three articles in cloud to help you achieve business success in cloud computing:

Creating A Cloud Readiness Assessment 

Bill Kleyman from Data Center Knowledge encourages companies and IT professionals to consider how ready they are for the cloud. He says, “The idea is to make sure you deploy the right workloads and have the correct deployment methodology throughout the entire process.” Kleyman goes on to say, “It’s a lot easier to move your infrastructure into the cloud than have to migrate everything back into a private data center.”

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Cloud Computing’s Second Act Is All Business

In this Forbes article, Joe McKendrick affirms, “the business as a whole is only beginning to grasp the advantages of cloud beyond IT efficiency.” Using industry research, he identifies some of the business advantages of cloud, including strategic reinvention, deeper collaboration, and the ability to derive greater insights.

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9 Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Computing Reviewed

In this FierceCIO article, David Weldon takes a closer look at Gartner Analyst, Milind Govekar’s list of benefits CIOs can expect when migrating to a hybrid cloud environment. He lists the benefits of , “maximize asset utilization, cost-efficiency, new functionality, and lower barrier to entry.” CloudTweaks breaks it down even further pointing to “security, scalability, and cost-efficiency” as the three key benefits of hybrid cloud investments.

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Cloud computing isn’t just an IT decision, but it’s a business decision as well. For more information, download the whitepaper, “The Business Case for a Cloud-Based Recovery-as-a-Service Solution.