Cloud News Report: Top 3 in Cloud – Week Ending in June 18

June 18, 2014 by Megan Gish

The Cloud News Report is a weekly list of our top three favorite cloud computing articles from the past week.

As companies continue to embrace cloud computing services, industry leaders evaluate the stages of the ongoing tech cycle and give unique predictions about the way the cloud will function as its adoption grows. This week, our report highlights three articles which take a look at the current stage of cloud computing and how the cloud operates with SaaS implementation:

Surviving and Thriving in the Cloud

Norman Young says “Improvements in hardware, software, and networking have combined with the secular trend toward outsourcing to usher in the era of cloud computing.” In this article from Morningstar, Young discusses a bright future for cloud services and how the cloud will continue to break off into multiple functional types, which specifically benefit different end users.

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Tech Giants Adapt to ‘Cloud First’ World

In this article from ForwardThinking, Michael J. Miller reviews the topics discussed at the recent Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. At this conference, heads of large tech companies such as Dropbox, Workday, Wal-Mart, Twitter, and Salesforce discussed the ways their individual companies and products are evolving with the progression of cloud computing services. Miller highlights a point made by Workday CEO Aneel Bhusri regarding what he considers the current 15-year technology cycle featuring the shift to cloud services. Bhusri and other CEOs agree, “cloud companies need to move fast, as the winners will lock in their customers for a generation.”

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Cloud Computing At Its Best: Multi-Tenant Database Architecture

In this CloudTweaks article, Syed Raza highlights multi-tenant models of cloud computing and examines how SaaS providers will have to evaluate the assets and contending disadvantages of such models. Raza details isolated, infrastructure, and application tenancies and provides an outlook on how these services will grow with the continual evolution of cloud computing technology.

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