Cloud News Report: Top 3 in Cloud – Week Ending August 28th

August 29, 2013 by Diana Nolting

The Cloud News Report is a weekly list of our top three favorite cloud computing articles from the past week. 


Top 12 Sites For Free Cloud Computing & Enterprise Software Research

Research can be expensive to cultivate and explore, but it’s crucial to making an educated decision. This Forbes article by Louis Columbus seeks to provide consumers and students with industry research that is free and available. He also explains some of the industry norms when it comes to buying and producing research reports.

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Can the U.S. Postal Service find a future running a gov't cloud-based authentication service?

The US Postal Service is focused innovating for the future, and it may be leaning towards cloud as the answer. This NetworkWorld story reports that the USPS will try and operate a cloud-based authentication exchange for the government as its next steps. The goal is to create a system that uses digital credentials to allow citizens access government services online.

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Amazon fights to keep CIA cloud computing deal

Checking in on the IBM/Amazon CIA contract battle, this Columbus Dispatch article seeks to explain why the contract would be crucial to Amazon, and why IBM is fighting to keep it out of their hands. The article states that the CIA, which houses some of the most protected data in the US, would grant credibility to the security of Amazon’s public cloud to other companies who have mission-critical, secure applications. It also states that the $600 million contract would drive Amazon into the private cloud game, which could have further reaching implications for future clients and prospects.

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