Cloud News Report: Top 3 in Cloud – Week Ending June 5th

June 6, 2013 by Diana Nolting

The Cloud News Report is a weekly list of our top three favorite cloud computing articles from the past week.

Can the Cloud Bring Brighter Skies in Japan-Korea Relations?

Though tensions have been high between the South Korean and Japanese governments, this Wall Street Journal article by Joelle Metcalfe argues that cloud could be the answer to positive relations between the two countries.

Recently South Korean telecom KT Corp announced it would launch a cloud in Japan though a joint venture with Japan-based Softbank Corp.  The article states that this collaboration has started to expand into other realms, including government policy.  As the cloud brings these two countries together, what other types of discussions could come about?

Find out by reading the rest of the article, here.


Mixed Reaction to Government’s Cloud Aspirations

Recently the Australian government unveiled a national cloud computing strategy.  In this article, the Brisbane Times recounts the mixed reactions from the Australian tech industry. Some think the strategy doesn’t go far enough because it doesn’t mandate a “cloud-first” strategy.  Others argue that it will push money out of the country and into outside cloud providers’ pockets.

Read both sides of thinking on this national strategy, here.


Cloud enables a Win-Win on Both Sides of the Business

It’s always a “win” when you get to pick some of the industry’s top minds and this Cloud Computing Journal article is no different. In this article Pat Romanski talks to Manjula Talreja, VP of Global Cloud Business Development at Cisco. In the article she shares her thoughts on the reasons people move to cloud, how organizations should tackle their compliance concerns and SMB challenges.

Read her thoughts, here.