To-Cloud RaaS 4048 VDC: Simple, Affordable, and Effective

August 28, 2014 by Megan Gish

In July Bluelock announced the expansion of our Recovery-as-a-Service suite to include the 4048 Virtual Datacenter. The announcement expanded Bluelock’s RaaS capabilities with a recoverable backup repository in the cloud, ideal for simple, affordable recovery of lower tier workloads.

When combined with Bluelock RaaS 4004 or 4500 VDCs for higher tier applications, this To-Cloud RaaS 4048 VDC allows VMware-virtualized midsize businesses to recover multiple tiers of applications with one service provider, which decreases complexity and increases the likelihood of a successful recovery.

What’s so great about this service is it’s simple, affordable, and effective for your business. See what we mean below:


  • Add reliable recovery capability, including off-site storage, without adding complexity to your existing daily backup solution
  • Software-based, SAN-agnostic solution ensures your existing infrastructure is compatible
  • Automated setup through a wizard allows quick deployment and creation of your pay-as-you-go 4048 VDC
  • The VMware vCloud-integrated VSE firewall is configured with user preferences during the setup wizard to allow fast and easy VPN setup for secure data transfer


  • Used backup storage is billed at only $0.30/GB/month
  • Clients can leverage compression and duplication to save on storage costs. You are in control of how much data you keep and for how long
  • Infrastructure costs are pay-as-you-go at competitive rates


  • All backup data stored is encrypted in-flight and at rest, regardless of the backup solution’s ability to encrypt. Credentials and keys are easily reset and managed through Bluelock Portfolio.
  • Bluelock supports a variety of data transmission methods including direct private links from your datacenter to the Bluelock cloud.
  • Recover at Gbps LAN speeds, unlike WAN solutions traditionally restored over the internet
  • Experience cloud and integrated Bluelock VDCs firsthand, with access to Bluelock Portfolio. The 4048 VDC can be used as a test/sandbox VDC for other applications too.

Want more information? Talk to the Bluelock team or check out our 4048 Virtual Datacenter FAQ page.