CloudCamp: This is My Kind of Camping!

June 4, 2010 by Kim Graham Lee

It’s exciting! After four months with BlueLock, I have officially become a "Cloud Camper"! Last Thursday evening I participated in the first-ever Cloud Camp in Cincinnati, though it was actually held in northern Kentucky. I enjoyed the format. I have never attended an "unpanel" or "unconference" before.

Our Director of Sales Engineering, Bob Roudebush, did a GREAT job in his 5-minute lightning talk on "Application Scalability in the Cloud." He also participated in the "unpanel." 

Here’s a quick video of how the BlueLock "unpanelist" answered the question in the 60 seconds he was allowed:
"As you go up the cloud computing stack, who is responsible for anti-virus protection, etc.?"

I walked away from the evening with further evidence that the cloud market is moving very quickly and BlueLock is extremely well-positioned particularly given its genesis as a true Infrastructure as a Service company. Yes, we are still figuring some things out. Who isn’t? But we are definitely ahead of the pack given our four years of experience and our focus on providing real value to our clients. It was also great to hear the plugs made for BlueLock by both VMware and EMC who were there. Thank you!

By the way, I did learn a new term at Cloud Camp –"cloud washer". Cloud washer refers to those companies who are putting on a "cloud wash" to what they do that doesn’t fit the true parameters of cloud computing. Borrowing from the naming convention of Cloud Camp, I guess you could also say that they are really "uncloud"!?!