Codesigned’s Microsoft SharePoint in the Cloud

June 19, 2014 by Megan Gish

codesignedCodesigned is a technology services firm focused on high quality, branded collaboration solutions, specializing in Microsoft SharePoint. With a team of experienced consultants, system engineers, SharePoint Architects, .NET developers and web developers, Codesigned provides enterprise- class collaboration consulting, large-scale implementation planning and installation, design and deployment of custom features and customized private cloud and mobile solutions.

Get a glimpse of how Bluelock and Codesigned work together to deliver Microsoft SharePoint in the cloud:

Company Needs

  • Scalable and high-performance enterprise-class infrastructure to allow for growth and unpredictable client Microsoft SharePoint workloads
  • Service provider whose compliance measures and security levels could enable Codesigned to work with companies in highly regulated industries like healthcare
  • Reliable and industry-proven cloud hosting platform

Bluelock Solution

  • vmware-vcloud-datacenter-150pxCertified VMware vCloud Datacenter service provider that allowed for speedy implementation and scalable performance
  • Strong service mentality and experienced client support team which could provide ongoing support and managed services
  • Bluelock Portfolio provides performance and financial analysis reporting to enable customers to make better decisions about their infrastructure and wrench the most value out of their cloud investment
  • Proven leader with strong security and compliance in the cloud (SSAE Type II and SAS 70 Type II)

Business Impact

  • Scalability that enables Codesigned to effectively manage peak traffic periods to deliver optimal customer experience
  • VMware vCloud Director’s self-service interface enables Codesgined to control their environment and deploy resources as quickly as clients request them
  • Bluelock Portfolio’s deeper visibility into the true cost of IT resources enables Codesigned to breakdown cost per client and to educate them about what is happening in their environment and the impact of specific behaviors 

Customer Feedback

Don’t just take our word for it. See how this partnership affects Codesigned’s business and ability to serve their clients, effectively, efficiently, and with cost in mind.

Codesigned CEO and Founder, Jack Weaver said, “Bluelock’s Virtual Datacenter model provided us with flexible and agile IT infrastructure that we needed to deliver the service in a cost-effective and reliable manner.”

Weaver goes on to say, “This partnership allows us to combine our extensive SharePoint expertise with Bluelock’s market-leading cloud services to take the burden of managing infrastructure off of our enterprise clients.”

Bluelock empowers Codesigned to better serve their clients. “Bluelock enables us to dial up or down resources or even bring up a large server farm in a short period of time based on a client’s needs, and with Bluelock Portfolio’s resource and cost transparency we’re able to breakdown cost per client,” said Nathan Clevenger, IT Infrastructure Manager, Codesigned.

Clevenger goes on to say, “Bluelock Portfolio simply provides unprecedented visibility and control that continues to deliver added value to our team and clients.”

Learn how to solve common cost efficiency cloud problems with virtual datacenter recommendations and through Bluelock Portfolio decision support by downloading the full case study, Microsoft SharePoint in the Cloud: Bluelock Helps Codesigned Deliver for WellStar Health Systems.

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