December 12, 2012 Cloud News Report: Top Three This Week in Cloud

December 12, 2012 by Diana Nolting

Appearing each Wednesday, this Cloud News Report will compile our top three favorite cloud news stories from the past week.                                       

As 2012 comes to a close, or the world comes to a close (depending on who you ask), the blogs and news reports are full of predictions for 2013.  This week’s Cloud News Report is an aggregate of three of the top prediction articles for next year.  What did these stories miss?  What do you anticipate for 2013?  Dust off your crystal ball and let us know what your thoughts are, in the comments. 


1. Apps, Marketing and the Cloud: Gartner Predictions for 2013  

Gartner’s 2013 predictions report, synthesized by Michelle Maisto at eWEEK, identifies expected changes not only for the technology, but also for the ways businesses promote their brands and reach consumers.

Read Maisto’s synopsis of Gartner’s report here


2. 2013 Prediction: We’ll Finally Get Real About Cloud  

This Forbes article offers Forrester Research’s predictions for 2013.  Nine contributors from the Forrester Cloud Playbook are named as article contributors, but VP and Principal Analyst James Staten is credited with the byline.  Staten’s prediction into centers around the thesis that enterprise cloud use has arrived and in 2013 companies will begin focusing on “incorporating cloud services and platforms into our formal IT portfolios.” 

To read the full article, click here.


3. 7 Predictions for Cloud Computing in 2013 That Make Perfect Sense

As a contributor to Forbes, Joe McKendrick closely follows the cloud trends and news.  For his 2013 predictions article McKendrick absorbed the analyst predictions and reports and picked out seven he felt were most likely to happen in the near future. 

For his full list, click here. 


What predictions are on your list?