Defining Cloud-based Recovery: To-Cloud vs. In-Cloud

May 6, 2013 by Diana Nolting

Disaster Recovery (DR) has a lot of acronyms that come with it. Breaking the different kinds of DR into sub-categories and products, even more acronyms and terms come with each of those.  But, for Cloud-based Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS), there are really only two important sub-terms to know before you start exploring your options.  Each is named for the location that the workloads are being replicated from.

To-Cloud RaaS involves replicating to a cloud provider from a physical infrastructure or internal private cloud. To-Cloud, as the name suggests, involves the company replicating its applications to the cloud, from somewhere they own and/or maintain.

In-Cloud RaaS involves replicating between two geographically diverse public cloud sites, typically hosted by the same provider. In-Cloud RaaS is typically used to protect important workloads and/or satisfy geographic diversity compliance requirements. 

If you’re currently hosting a private cloud or physical infrastructure at your business, you’re likely considering RaaS against an internal, traditional solution in which you manage both ends of the replication sites. Bluelock’s To-Cloud RaaS solution is ideal for businesses running VMware-virtualized environments that are frustrated with the complexity and expense of traditional DR options.  This customer datacenter-to-cloud recovery solution boasts easy management, testing and verification to ensure confidence. 

By replicating to a public cloud provider instead of replicating to an internally managed second site you will save by not having to purchase or maintain a second infrastructure. Bluelock’s To-Cloud RaaS solution comes in a turnkey package complete with customer support, client services and technical documentation to make your installation, planning and recovery experience easy and efficient. The solution provides everything you need to effectively replicate your production workloads to a Bluelock VDC hosted in the cloud using the most advanced replication technologies. The required software is not an agent. It is simple to understand and easy to install with no required reboots.  No assembly or maintenance of complex software and infrastructure technology is required, so you can focus on the projects that would otherwise get pushed to the side if your team were managing its own replication environment.

For clients who are already hosting workloads and applications in a Bluelock Virtual Datacenter, Bluelock’s In-Cloud RaaS solution offers the most efficient solution for anyone with a critical workload that requires geographically-separated recovery environments. By integrating this In-Cloud RaaS solution into your cloud strategy your business will be fully prepared for any type of disaster.

This In-Cloud solution comes with a turnkey implementation backed by the Bluelock support and assistance customers have already come to expect. By leveraging the most advanced hypervisor-level replication technologies available, there is no need for your team to assemble or maintain complex software and infrastructure technologies yourself.

Bluelock’s team will configure the replication software and other services to ensure proper replication.  Replication will be performed at the vApp-level between your production VDC and your replication target VDC.  Bluelock will also monitor and manage the RaaS infrastructure and respond to RTO and RPO alerts that are infrastructure related.  Our team will work with yours via change requests to modify replication parameters, including adding resources and VMs, to your protected vApps.