Effective, Efficient, Economical: Hosted SharePoint in the Cloud

June 26, 2012 by Diana Nolting

When a company decides to use Microsoft SharePoint, there are unique questions to answer before work can begin, including, “What impact will this have on our existing IT infrastructure?” “How small or large will my workload be?” and “What are the costs associated with hosting that workload?”

In addition to use-related questions, many companies lack SharePoint expertise for developing and administering solutions.  Technology services firm Codesigned recognizes the potential pitfalls and problems that can arise when using and hosting SharePoint.  They provide integrated, complete solutions including customer support, planning and execution. 

As SharePoint experts, Codesigned recognizes the benefits of hosting SharePoint in the cloud to capitalize on the flexibility only available through cloud computing environments.  By partnering with Bluelock, a certified VMware vCloud Datacenter service provider focused on customer service, Codesigned can serve companies in even the most heavily-regulated industry with SharePoint solutions.

To learn more about their solutions, Bluelock had a strategic conversation with Codesigned CEO Jake Weaver and IT Infrastructure Manager Nathan Clevenger that might help you better understand why hosted SharePoint in the cloud is effective, efficient and economical.

Bluelock: Is hosting Microsoft SharePoint in the cloud an effective strategy?

Codesigned: By hosting SharePoint in the cloud, your growth is not constrained by tactile infrastructure.  SharePoint workloads can be unpredictable, especially for a projects like our client WellStar Health’s, who used SharePoint to build a dynamic, new website.

We recognize the pivotal role flexibility has when using SharePoint.  We choose to host SharePoint by using Bluelock’s cloud services not only because it provides flexibility and security, but also because it provides another layer of benefit for our clients.

Bluelock’s cloud services provide an unmatched level of transparency of cost, customer support and peace of mind for companies just joining cloud.  Codesigned has always provided first-rate expertise to its clients, and now that knowledge is backed up with the expertise Bluelock provides its cloud clients.

A combination of superior customer-service and top knowledge in all technological aspects of your project makes partnering with Codesigned and Bluelock is the most effective strategy you can have when working with SharePoint.

Jake Weaver, CEO and Founder of Codesigned, explains in detail, “This partnership allows us to combine our extensive SharePoint expertise with Bluelock’s market-leading cloud services to take the burden of managing infrastructure off of our enterprise clients.”

Bluelock: What is the benefit of hosting Mircrosoft SharePoint in the cloud?

Codesigned: By hosting SharePoint in the cloud we are able to expand or contract at a moment’s notice.

Bluelock is certified VMware vCloud Datacenter service provider that allows for speedy implementation and scalable performance.  That means we have the ability to upload or download any VMware-compatible workloads and Codesigned can easily migrate VMKD files both to and from Bluelock’s Virtual Datacenter.  

This also means clients working with Codesigned and hosting SharePoint in Bluelock’s cloud can easily subtract and add capacity as they go, paying only for what is used.

Nathan Clevenger, IT Infrastructure Manager at Codesigned says it best, “Bluelock enables us to dial up or down resources or even bring up a large server farm in a short period of time based on a client’s needs, and with Bluelock Portfolio’s resource and cost transparency we’re able to breakdown cost per client.” 

Bluelock: What concerns are there when hosting SharePoint in the cloud?
Codesigned: In any regulated industry there are compliance and security concerns.  When leaping into the cloud, it is critical to work with a cloud services provider that is secure, compliant and certified.

Codesigned chose to use Bluelock’s cloud for its impeccable compliance measures and security levels.  Bluelock’s SSAE Type II and SAS-70 type II audited datacenters and VLANs, in connection with stringent policies and procedures, promise security that is sufficient for even the most regulated industries, like healthcare.

“We are more than confident offering our clients a reliable, redundant infrastructure that promise security and guaranteed uptime,” explains Clevenger.

Bluelock: How does partnering with Codesigned and Bluelock make managing SharePoint in the cloud more efficient?

Codesigned: We provide high quality, branded collaboration solutions, with a dedicated focus of specializing in SharePoint.  Our team provides a full spectrum of services including infrastructure, design and crisis management.

Bluelock provides flexible, transparent, secure cloud hosting, ideal for SharePoint.

Jake Weaver points out that by combining Codesigned and Bluelock’s services, our customers receive top-notch customer support from both teams.  They also receive industry-leading expertise on both the front-end and back-end.  The team here at Codesigned also works with Bluelock to gain additional benefits to help our team tightly manage our customers’ assets, without surprises. We do that by accessing resource and cost information through Bluelock Portfolio.

Bluelock: Is hosting SharePoint in the cloud economical?

Codesigned: Hosting SharePoint in the cloud is economical because you can pay only for what you use with scalability.  Add and subtract capacity as you go, based on your needs.

Bluelock takes their economical model a step farther, providing what no other cloud services provider has: the Bluelock Portfolio.

Bluelock Portfolio lifts the veil on managing cloud costs by providing a decision support tool that showcases performance and financial analysis reporting, which enables Codesigned to make better decisions and get the most out of each penny spent. This, of course, trickles down as a benefit to our customers.

“Bluelock Portfolio offers deeper visibility into the true cost of IT resources, enabling us to adjust our Virtual Datacenters to better align utilize with spending and help us educate our clients about what is happening in their environment and the impact of specific behaviors,” Clevenger explains. “Bluelock Portfolio simply provides unprecedented visibility and control that continues to deliver added value to our team and clients.”


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