Enterprise Grade Security in Your Virtual Datacenters

December 11, 2012 by Jake Robinson

Cloud security is always the first concern for the Fortune 500 clients looking at Bluelock as their public cloud provider (and rightfully so). Public cloud, in general, has gotten a bad rap on the security front. Some simply use the concern as a way to discount the idea of public cloud infrastructure as a service as a viable option for their organization.

However, security professionals in any size organization are pleasantly surprised when I tell them about the security options in their Virtual Datacenters at Bluelock. 

In your Virtual Datacenters powered by vCloud, you already have the flexibility to create networks with the private subnets of your design. The only thing that's missing is a robust unified threat management solution. vShield is great for basic network services such as Firewall, NAT, and DHCP, but doesn't yet have a concept of things like Intrusion prevention, web application firewalling, or even logging.

Enter the Virtual Network Appliance.

There are a ton of virtual network appliances out there. You can even roll your own linux based network appliance using nothing but open-sourced software straight out of your linux distribution's repositories. Not a lot of enterprise customers I talk to, though, are going to take that route. Enterprises want to look at the market leaders for security in their cloud environment.

Bluelock has been partnered since 2006 with TWO great network appliance companies: Check Point and F5. Both companies have appliances that will run in your virtual datacenter without any intervention needed from your vCloud service provider. They are simply virtual machines that specialize in the more robust security needs of the enterprise.


It's important to note that a lot of security software/appliance companies are looking at hypervisor level security for virtual appliances. While this is really cool technology, it doesn't work in the public cloud. No public vCloud provider can give you access to the hypervisor layer, and cannot support every hypervisor level firewall company that comes knocking on their door. What makes Checkpoint and F5 special is the "network mode." Network mode appliances handle the TCP stack just like any other virtual machine.

Bluelock can provide licensing on a monthly basis for both of these appliances, as well as installation and managed services to get you up and going fast.

For more information about the enterprise functionality of these great companies, check out their respective links:

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