Frequently Asked vCloud Networking Questions

February 12, 2013 by Alicia Gaba

Networking is an often-overlooked aspect of cloud IaaS.  Good networking will increase efficiencies.  Bad networking costs time and money, particularly if an issue arises with your configuration.

When working with enterprises our team speaks to a number of different people at different technical skill levels.  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding vCloud networking.

What’s the difference between organization-level networking and vApp networking in vCloud director?

This is an important distinction. An Organization-level network can be attached and used by all VMs in your organization. However, a vApp network may only be used by the VMs inside that vApp, and may only communicate inside the vApp if it is routed to an Org network.

How do I add a network to a vApp?

In order to attach a network, either the Org or a vApp type, start by adding the network to the vApp.  To add a network to a vApp, go to the “Networking” tab in your vApp, check the “Show networking details” option and then select the “Add Network…” button in the lower right corner. If you are adding a vApp network, this will be created.  If you are adding an Org network, it will be attached to the vApp.

How do I remove a network from a vApp?

You may remove a network from a vApp via the “Networking” tab in your vApp.  This may only be done while the vApp, and all the VMs inside the vApp, have been powered off.

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