Going Green in Your Data Center: Cloud Computing & Virtualization

July 17, 2009 by Alicia Gaba

There are a million reasons to go green these days and economic pressure to do so (or to hold back).  So here comes a great reason to go green in your data center (or data center provider): enter, cloud computing.  Enterprise IT accounts for up to 40% of a company’s energy requirements.  Cutting back in that area could lead to a huge decrease in your organizations “carbon footprint.”

According to Forrester, over 40% of people in IT departments believe energy efficiency and equipment recycling are important factors to consider (go Earth!) and about 65% believe that reduction of energy-related operating costs is the driving factor surrounding the implementation of green IT. 

In the traditional data center, large and small you’ve got servers requiring massive amounts of cooling power and electricity to keep them running properly.  More importantly, those servers are running at low utilization levels (20% or lower) but still require full power to cool them.  What’s that mean?  Lots of wasted energy, basically.  You’ve got redundant hardware, memory, network devices and power supplies to keep everything chugging along.  So how do we make this situation better?

MODERNIZE!  It’s all about cloud computing and virtualization.  And what’s it do?  Reduces the number of servers you need (i.e. reduces the amount of space, electricity & cooling required as well) or gets rid of almost all of your in-house data center requirements if you so decide to outsource everything (most people would keep some of their stuff in-house, and that’s recommended for the most part anyway).  And that’s a great step towards decreasing you energy needs and dependency, making your office green.

Lots of companies think going green sounds great, and trendy – same with their thoughts on cloud computing (very trendy and sounds pretty cool), but it’s not about being green, trendy or cool – it’s about saving money (and Mother Earth at the same time).  Virtualization allows you to partition physical hardware into multiple logical “boxes” each running on its own operating system and network connectivity in a “sandbox.”  Additional standby servers are redundant, thanks to the rapid provisioning capabilities in the cloud and best of all, you can host more application with less servers.  Higher utilization with lower costs!

With a cloud computing solution like BlueLock’s you can cut your infrastructure costs by $50,000 a year or more and disaster recovery, another added bonus, becomes just a fraction of the cost than in traditional DR environments (savings are usually about 40%). 

So what are you waiting for?  Go green and cut your IT costs.