Google Sees Advantages with Cloud Computing

May 11, 2009 by Brian Wolff

In his annual founder’s letter, Sergey Brin, reflects on the past, discusses the current state of Google as well as a glimpse of where he expects his firm to go in the coming years. Generally upbeat, he sees a stronger company emerging as the economy recovers:  He says:

Nonetheless, I am optimistic about the future, because I believe scarcity breeds clarity: it focuses minds, forcing people to think creatively and rise to the challenge.

Featured in his discussion of their product categories were comments about Google Apps, which leverage cloud computing and a future with more computing power for less. Brin says:

The benefits of web-based services, also known as cloud computing, are clear. There is no installation. All data is stored safely in a data center (no worries if your hard drive crashes). It can be accessed anytime; anywhere there is a working web browser…

Given the tremendous pace of technology, it is impossible to predict far into the future. However, I think the past decade tells us some things to expect in the next. Computers will be 100 times faster still and storage will be 100 times cheaper.

While the full featured BlueLock Cloud offers a very different level of service for our clients, the core benefit, as outlined by Brin is very similar, no infrastructure costs, built-in disaster recovery and remote access are the same, and we share his perspective on the accelerated adoption of cloud computing.   The advantages of the platforms allow people to do more with less, focusing their resources on innovation, not infrastructure.