How Are Your Peers Using Cloud for DR?

May 15, 2013 by Diana Nolting

Hear from Your Peers: Disaster Recovery Services and Private Cloud DR

Do you know why your peers are using the cloud? Are you interested in cloud-based DR, but want to understand more about the service before you start talking to vendors?

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery is Growing Rapidly

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery (DR) is rapidly growing among cloud users and hearing two providers talk about the topic is a great way to learn what’s worked in the past and what may work in the future. According to research compiled by Zerto, DR is one of the top three popular uses for cloud storage applications with 36% reporting DR as a use.

According to Bluelock Chief Technology Officer Pat O’Day, that survey finding falls directly in line with what Bluelock has seen first-hand.

Moving a Production Application to Cloud

“There are two really common things we’re seeing when people want to try cloud,” explains O’Day. “They’re concerned about the risk of putting a production application in the cloud if they haven’t tried it before. So they’re looking at DR as a price-advantageous and a lower-risk concept to try cloud. It’s a way to get your feet wet.”

Concern for Cloud Outages

“The second thing we’re seeing is a large amount of attention focused on outages in cloud is high,” O’Day continues. “Someone described it to me as, ‘Outages occur in IT and have been occurring for a long time, but when a cloud provider goes down it’s on the front page of the Wall Street Journal’.”

O’Day went on to explain that companies with applications in the cloud are more likely to add a cloud-based disaster recovery option onto their existing cloud service. A concept that is emerging rapidly, is where a customer hosts applications in the cloud, but then uses old gear at their own datacenter as the DR target.

Zerto’s Director of Product Marketing Jennifer Gill followed up those statics with some that showcase how peers are using DR in the cloud. One unexpected stat was that only 25% have tested their cloud-based DR solution.

DR Testing in the Cloud

O’Day shared that historically testing hasn’t been a priority. With legacy DR solutions testing was cumbersome and required travel and a lot of work, whereas today, cloud-based DR testing can be run with the click of a button.

Gill and O’Day continued their conversation throughout a 60-minute webinar that covered the topics of BC/DR for both public and private cloud and highlighted key use cases for each before taking questions from the audience. Watch the recording of the webinar, Hear from your Peers: Disaster Recovery Services and Private Cloud DR or visit

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