How Cloud Hosting Should Be Like Starring in a “Buddy Cop” Movie

October 30, 2012 by Diana Nolting

How Cloud Hosting is like Starring in a Buddy Cop Movie

The scene opens on two individuals at a conference table with laptops. Joe, an application owner, sits working on his laptop while occasionally sipping from an energy drink can next to him. Fred, a cloud services and cloud hosting provider, sits across from him at the table working on his own laptop and occasionally drifts over to his written notepad to scribble and idea down.

All of the sudden, Joe starts clicking furiously as a panicked look comes over his face.

Oh no! Not today! Not right now!

What's wrong, Joe? What's happened?

The site…it's DOWN! We're having an outage!

This is what we train for. It's go time. Let's get to the cloud!

The two run off and jump in a car, driving toward their cloud hosting datacenter.

There are no guarantees in IT.

While this cop movie may not be the blockbuster cloud hit you have on your list to see this month, it’s an interesting way to think about your cloud hosting and services provider. In life, and in IT, there are no guarantees. That’s why cloud service providers offer you 99.99%, 99.999% and even more nines worth of uptime, while never realistically promising 100% uptime. It’s just not possible because there are no guarantees. Platforms fail, and so do applications.

Plan for the unexpected.

With that understanding, you enter into any hosted solution, cloud or other, with the understanding that you have to plan for the unexpected. There may be times your applications are down, be it for maintenance or through errors. Planning helps you to manage a crisis in advance, should it ever present itself.

When you’re making those plans and if you ever have problems with your application, wouldn’t you want your provider to be right there with you working to solve it?

Share the responsibility.

To be successful with an application, there should be a shared responsibility between the application owner and the provider. The application owner’s feedback can only help the provider, and the provider should be able to help the application owner layout the best hosting options based on previous use cases, expertise and best practices.

At Bluelock, you won’t find anywhere to enter your credit card number to receive a cookie-cutter Virtual Datacenter with the click of a button. Our unique customer approach means that we require that there be a relationship between the customer and Bluelock so that we can better enable you to reach your goals and so you know we'll be there when you need us.

We believe in being your partner and you being ours. We want your application to succeed and we share in the responsibility of its success. Different applications have different downtime tolerances relative to complexity and cost. Some applications need geographic failover while others need two VCDs in the same datacenter and others still get away with just simple backups or nothing at all. The path to success for your application should be as unique as the virtual datacenter solution that is right for it.

So, while the Bluelock team probably isn’t headed to Hollywood anytime soon, we’re happy to act as the other half to your successful “buddy cop” partnership and “serve and protect” your applications. We can’t promise 100% uptime (no one can), but we can promise we’ll share in the responsibility of making sure your application runs at its most efficient with your team, just like the best buddy cop duos out there.

What do you think is the most effective IT strategy to encourage shared responsibility in the cloud? Leave a comment below.