How to Implement a DR Strategy that Works: Recovery in the Cloud

May 9, 2013 by Diana Nolting

Much like after you are in a car accident is the wrong time to buy car insurance, the moment a disaster strikes is too late to put a recovery solution in place.

Disaster recovery isn’t new by any means, but Cloud-based Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) is hitting a maturation point in the marketplace to become the most cost-effective, reliable, efficient solution available to any virtualized business. RaaS is a holistic approach to DR that is testable, trusted and flexible with a low barrier to entry.

If you’re evaluating DR options, RaaS should be known as the solution that protects your entire application, not just your virtual machine or the data within the solution. Bluelock’s RaaS solution leverages consistency groups for application protection, meaning your entire application is recovered as a whole, with all data being recovered at the same point in time, so there’s less work needed from your team to stand your application back up after a declaration.

The solution isn’t just for workloads already in the cloud, however. In fact, cloud-based RaaS is an easy on-ramp for new cloud customers that allows organizations to learn about cloud’s flexibility, automation and self-service capabilities while keeping the scope manageable for any size department. The primary workload remains in your company’s internal datacenter, while the application is replicated and protected in the cloud.

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