July 11, 2012 Cloud News Report: Top Three This Week in Cloud

July 11, 2012 by Diana Nolting

Appearing each Wednesday, this Cloud News Report will compile our top three favorite cloud news stories from the past week.


1. Cloud Spending Could Double in Four Years

As reported in The Wall Street Journal’s The Morning Download, industry analysts at Gartner are reporting that cloud computing is likely to drive a faster than expected rise in world-wide IT spending.

Specifically, Gartner projects a 3% increase in 2012, up from their predicted 2.5% increase for this year.

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2. Infosys’s Gopalakrishnan to head govt’s cloud computing panel 

Taking a look at the global market, this article from The Hindu (a top English-language newspaper in India) reports on the government’s committee that is responsible for evaluating a cloud strategy.

The article takes a look at specific concerns for the Indian government when looking at migrating to the cloud including service providers, security and technology.

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3. Standard contracts increase with cloud products’ maturity

On ZDNet, this article takes a look at the maturation of the cloud industry over time, citing the growing number of “standard” contracts as opposed to custom-deals.  

The article also reminds purchasers to complete diligence in research prior to purchasing cloud services, and cites areas where customers should be sure their needs match the services they are receiving.  

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