Jump-Starting A Cloud Journey: Migrating a Mission Critical Application to Cloud in 30 Days

September 13, 2012 by Diana Nolting

Ten years ago the thought of moving a mission-critical application to a new server or datacenter in a month’s time would have been laughable.  The idea that procurement, set-up, installation and migration could all happen in that timeframe, without significant downtime, simply couldn’t happen.

But, that’s exactly what leading ADN vendor F5 Networks did this year when they migrated their online technical user community, DevCentral, to Bluelock’s public cloud in a 30-day timeframe, from contract signing to project completion.

One of the benefits of cloud that is constantly touted is increased agility and speed to adapt and change elements of your application compared to traditional hardware.  F5 Networks is certainly experiencing those agile benefits post-launch, but they also were able to appreciate the benefits pre-deployment as they worked in partnership with Bluelock staff to get online as quickly as possible. 

With the technical credibility of Bluelock’s team, F5 Networks was guaranteed security and compliance and also enjoyed VMware platform compatibility.  The 30-day build-out included design, infrastructure build, functional and scale/failure testing and operational and processing testing.

Four people from F5 Networks (representing the operations, development, security and testing departments) came together to make the migration happen. The team tested, mitigated and documented 47 total failure scenarios and deployed 100+ sensors for top-to-bottom (including mobile) monitoring.  Forty-two total processes were provisioned across two VDCs and only 124 GB of memory was used.

The agility only increased once the migration occurred, according to Sr. Director of Product Management for F5 Networks, Jeff Browning.

“By virtualizing all systems and infrastructure, upgrades, code pushes and security policy updates take minutes or hours instead of days or sometimes weeks,” Browning explained.

As a result, new features ship faster, valuable information assets and community trust are comprehensively protected, and F5 can scale cloud resources on demand and inline with their strategic plans. F5 can also respond quickly and confidently to tactical events and ensure the best community member experience.

To read more about F5’s journey to the cloud, read the full, free case study.

First and third images courtesy of http://www.sxc.hu.