March 13, 2013 Cloud News Report: Top Three This Week in Cloud

March 13, 2013 by Diana Nolting

Appearing each Wednesday, this Cloud News Report will compile our top three favorite cloud news stories from the past week. 

Is Cloud Built to Fail or Built to Scale?

This blog by F5’s Lori MacVittie addresses a critical nuance of cloud architecture, “Is your cloud able to fail, as well as scale?” MacVittie establishes that many cloud architectures are designed to abandon the failed instances and redirect that traffic, in some cases auto-scaling to create new avenues. The abandonment of these increased latency experiences often require the customer to restart their active session, which she argues leads to long-term dissatisfaction of the customer and their behavior. 

Read MacVittie’s article to discover common cloud failure problems, as well as read suggested solutions.

Cloud vs. In-house for Mobile Backups

Backups are an important decision point for any IT team, but what are the unique challenges that come with mobile devices?  What if the laptop isn’t on at the time the scheduled backup is set for? This SearchDataBackup article takes a look at the unique options and considerations when your team is looking at backing up mobile devices.

Read about what your best backup strategy might be…

Can Cloud Collaboration Lead to Better Education?

In this SAP blog article by Jen Cohen Crompton, the author explains that schools and educators have been looking for the most effective way to leverage internet-use and accessibility for education. In the US in particular, she cites that online learning has made a positive impact on all levels of education and more than 12 million students participate in distance learning.

Read the rest of the blog to discover who is working with cloud to bring educational opportunity to those who don’t have access today