Cloud News Report: Top 3 in Cloud – Week Ending March 27th

March 27, 2013 by Diana Nolting

The Cloud News Report is a weekly list of our top three favorite cloud computing articles from the past week.

10 Quotes on Cloud Computing That Really Say it All

This short Forbes piece by Joe McKendrick is a fun break from the norm. In this article McKendrick has compiled his top 10 favorite quotes related to cloud computing from the past 15-20 years. The article includes quotes from Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs and Vivek Kundra. McKendrick aimed to compile quotes that best describe the mindset at the time of the quote regarding cloud.

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12 hard truths about cloud computing

InfoWorld contributing editor Peter Wayner spent a few months testing out a number of commercial clouds to really explore how much the promise of cloud delivers. He bought/rented new machines, tried software and ran benchmarks.  What he came away with was what he determined to be 12 truths of cloud computing as a whole.  Some play into the promise of cloud, like the ability to test out souped-up systems before making a purchasing decision, and some were more complex, like making decisions based on cost that require algorithms to determine the cheapest configurations that run at the best rate.  What he discovered as a whole is that cloud isn’t some new “miracle,” but rather just “the next generation of what we’ve been using for years.”

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Five Different Ways To Sell Cloud Computing To Anyone

By now, you’ve likely seen and heard every salespitch in the book. This CloudTweaks article pokes fun at differing sales methods for cloud, while touting a few benefits as well.  Read this as a break from the norm and learn “How to sell cloud “Like a Pharmaceutical Drug Company Representative,” “Like a Passive Aggressive Mother-in-Law,” and “Like the Guy who fixes your Office Computer."

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