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Meet Your New Bluelock RaaS Advisor, Keith Fehn

January 22, 2014 by Diana Nolting
Keith Fehn, Bluelock Service Lead - Data Protection

You may not have met Bluelock's Service Lead - Data Protection Keith Fehn yet, but if you're a RaaS customer, or plan to add a 4-Series VDC to your Bluelock environment, you will soon be on very familiar terms with each other.

Bluelock clients have embraced the simplicity of Bluelock RaaS for their complex application recovery and data protection needs. The addition of Keith to the Bluelock team will provide not only the successful recovery of mission-critical applications, but also guarantee preeminent protection for all data trusted to Bluelock VDCs. Keith's role will involve executing on that promise of success for Bluelock clients from initial replication to multiple tests each year.

Keith comes to Bluelock backed by 20 years of IT experience, the last decade of which were DR and IT infrastructure focused. With that experience, Keith's role will be the face of Bluelock RaaS VDCs to ensure client success with the product.

"My overall goal is to provide the best DR solution, and be the best DR partner we can be for our customers," explains Fehn. "We want to act as an extension of our customer's IT teams in providing DR expertise so they don't have to be their own experts."

Keith's role also includes understanding each customer's RaaS environment so the Bluelock team can provide trusted advice, annual testing and runbooks among other assets. He'll reach out to customers to share new features and products and gather feedback and suggestions to help the technical team continually improve the user experience.

A disaster recovery solution is only as good as it works when it's needed most. While the effectiveness of legacy DR solutions rely on luck and chance, Bluelock's RaaS solution is easy to test, and testing is encouraged. Clients using a Bluelock 4004 VDC, 4508 VDC or 4504 VDC even receive two pre-scheduled tests annually to promote the process.

Current Bluelock RaaS customers can expect to be contacted by Keith in the coming weeks and months, as he lays the foundation for a successful 2014 with your RaaS VDCs and cloud-based recovery needs.

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