New Economy New Rules – Cloud Computing Panel

August 7, 2009 by Alicia Gaba

This morning, Pat O’Day, CTO of BlueLock sat on a cloud computing panel at Barnes and Thornburg for Techpoint’s New Economy New Rules event.  Jeff Ready, CEO at Scale Computing and Erik van Ommeren, Director of Innovation at Sogeti USA also joined him on the panel.

It was a great mix of cloud computing talent.  Pat O’Day, a veteran in the hosting space focused on infrastructure-as-a-service cloud offerings, while Ready was able to provide insight into storage in the cloud and how it provides substantial savings and van Ommeren, a researcher, was able to speak to the theories and studies around cloud computing at a higher level.

The big overarching theme of the presentations and discussions was around the gradual shift towards this new technology.  Ready said it best when he compared this change in computing as being as significant as the shift towards PCs was.  Due to the nature of the cloud and the users’ ability to pay as they go and pay for only what they are using when they are using it, this shift will keep continuing until it becomes the norm.  Funny thing is, in many ways, the cloud has already become the norm, something many of us don’t even question.  Think about your use of services like YouTube, Photobucket, Facebook, Gmail and the like.  It’s all in the cloud.

Another big topic of discussion was around cloud security (always a popular discussion).   The responses all boiled down to one thing – not much changes when you put your data in the cloud.  You still need to secure it with firewalls and encryption the same way you did before and you’ll still follow the same compliance procedures.  (And Scale Computing’s Ready graciously reminded everyone to read those license agreements for the software-as-a-service applications you use, because you may never know what you’re agreeing to.)

Overall, the event was quite a success.  Great mix of presenters and some great questions were answered.  As cloud computing continues to grow its great to know we’ve got a solid base of experts here in Indianapolis.

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    It was fun participating on the panel. Thanks for the mention!

  • Alicia

    Thanks for the comment Jeff – great presentation and insight!