One Powerful Public Cloud IaaS Company

April 10, 2012 by Alicia Gaba

Bluelock is excited to announce that it was recently named to NetworkWorld's list of "10 most powerful IaaS companies." Writer Christine Burns assembled the list with help from analysts at Cloud Technology Partners, Current Analysis, Enterprise Strategy Group, Gartner, IDC and Neovise. Those analysts named companies they believed have the most influence in the public cloud infrastructure as a service category.

Bluelock continues to prove itself in its ability to draw in enterprise customers to the benefits of using public cloud resources. While serving a wide variety of use cases, Bluelock Virtual Datacenters have enabled many mid-size and large organizations to test new waters with cloud computing. In another article by Christine Burns at NetworkWorld, "IaaS making slow headway," she references a number of enterprise deployment trends mentioning public cloud IaaS use cases that Bluelock continues to see time and again.

Bluelock's very popular Public Cloud Diaries built in conjunction with VMware detail a number of interesting use cases, many resembling the NetworkWorld list. Our list of case studies also continues to grow with our most recent piece featuring PatronPath and Bluelock's role in enabling them to meet strict PCI-DSS compliance requirements for it's online ordering solutions for restaurants.

We continue to see large enterprises going to the cloud to enable greater agility and flexibility, but also for the cloud's ability to provide a level of visibility and control these organizations had never experienced before. Bluelock Portfolio has proven to hit the mark for customers in their quest for that visibility, and it has even begun to change organizational behavior in very large companies.

What would your organization do with the ability to see what your IT resources really cost — broken down by region, site location, line of business, application, resource component or even by Virtual Datacenter?

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