One Size Does Not Fit All: How Bluelock’s new stratification will work for you

August 27, 2012 by Diana Nolting

Today Bluelock announces the availability of its 2-Series Virtual Datacenters which will offer customers a scalable, on-demand Virtual Datacenter option.  This 2-Series product offering is in addition the existing, premier enterprise solution which has been renamed the 5-Series Virtual Datacenter.

The new 2-Series Virtual Datacenter has a number of exciting features and use cases including pay-as-you go, day-to-day flexibility and quick deployment of resources, all of which you can read about in this whitepaper, but what really makes this announcement exciting is the opportunity and increased options users now have to use the two products together.

By stratifying Bluelock's public cloud offerings, the 2-Series and the 5-Series, customers now have more tools available and more options on the table to find the right size cloud to deploy their workload.

There are particularly good fit use cases for the 2-Series, including functional testing, pre-production workloads and demonstrations/training.

The 5-Series Virtual Datacenter continues to provide the highest level of security, performance and reliability that mission-critical applications depend upon.  These apps rely on the managed services, customer-service and/or self-service and peace of mind that comes from this premier product offering.  

What if you change your mind about which Virtual Datacenter your workload should be in?  What if the right decision one month shifts to the wrong decision based on new information?  What if you want to use more than one Virtual Datacenter type for your applications?

That’s where Bluelock’s new stratification works for you.  Stratification of Bluelock Virtual Datacenters is designed for users to mix and match different types of VDCs to maximize their resources and cost efficiencies.  By mixing and matching you exponentially increase your ability to allocate resources across VDCs, regardless of the series they are in.  And, if your app in a 2-Series Virtual Datacenter takes an unexpected leap of success, migration into a 5-Series VDC is easy.

Your Virtual Datacenters are now even more agile, more flexible and you can be even more efficient in managing your costs and resources across VDCs.

To find out how new, stratified Bluelock Virtual Datacenters can work for you, contact Bluelock and speak to a sales representative. 

Or, click here to read more about the 2-Series and 5-Series platforms.


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