Part Two: Best Practices for Migrating from a Physical Datacenter to the Cloud

January 24, 2013 by Diana Nolting

migrating from a physical datacenter to the cloud

In Part One of "Best Practices for Migrating to the Cloud," we covered data gravity and the importance of understanding your application’s weight. In today’s blog post, Jake will cover the importance of understanding the relationship between your applications.

BEST PRACTICE – Understand the relationships between your applications

In the last blog post Bluelock Solutions Architect Jake Robinson detailed the importance of understanding your application’s gravity before migrating it from a physical server to the cloud. That’s not the only aspect of your VM or vApp to evaluate pre-migration, however.

“If you have a lot of applications tightly coupled to the application you want to migrate, the cloud might not be an option for that application,” explains Robinson, “or at least only that application.”

The important aspect to evaluate is how coupled the application in question is to other applications, and how tight or loose of a couple they are.

Does your application have data that other applications need to access quickly? “If so,” Robinson says, “It’s a move all or nothing philosophy.”

If you have an application that is tightly coupled to two or three others, you may be able to move them all to the cloud together.  Because they are still tightly coupled, you won’t experience the latency that would occur if your cloud-hosted application needed to access a physical server to get the data it needs to run.

A step beyond identifying how many apps are tied to the application you wish to migrate, work next to identify which of those applications will be sensitive to latency problems. How sensitive it can be should be a consideration of if you should migrate the app or not.

To be able to check this best practice off your list, be very sure you understand everything your application touches so you won’t be surprised later, post-migration.



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