Pat O’Day Guest Author for Virtual Strategy Magazine.

February 2, 2009 by Brian Wolff

Our CTO, Pat O’Day recently wrote a cloud computing article for Virtual Strategy Magazine entitled Integration, the Key to the Cloud.

Covering a range of topics for successful integration into the cloud, one of Pat’s key points is his description of our approach to Warm Starts. He says:  

With a warm virtual machine configuration, virtual machines can remain powered on and configured in a "reserved" state-managed during their reserve period by VMware’s Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS)-until they are needed. When a customer experiences a spike in demand, the infrastructure immediately responds by routing new application requests to these warm virtual machines, which are already up, available, and ready to accept new application traffic. The only minimal delay occurs on the management side between when the spike is detected and a message is sent to BIG-IP LTM to begin routing traffic to the warm virtual machines. Once traffic is routed to the warm virtual machines, DRS takes over resources and makes sure that each virtual machine has enough computing resources to handle the requests. In this way, the infrastructure is managing the resource demand-not the virtual machines themselves-for the operating systems running on the virtual machines or the applications. The infrastructure becomes the service for applications and application traffic alike.