Pat O’Day Talks Tech and Cloud with Steve Herrod

March 1, 2011 by Jon Corwin


Pat O'Day Talks Tech with Steve Herrod from VMware

Pat O'Day talks tech with Steve Herrod, VMware's Chief Technology Officer, as part of their 'Office of the CTO' video series. The discussion touches on Bluelock's early offerings, new products and customer profiles as well as addresses topics including platform as a service (PaaS) and hybrid cloud computing.

Moving forward with hybrid cloud
Pat remarks Bluelock's early platform held broad appeal through ESX server and a service desk front-end, but lacked specialization in any one area. With the announcement of the new VMware vCloud API and VMware vCloud Datacenter services–the first of such offerings for general availability–customers can manipulate their own resources in a VMware public cloud. Independent software vendors are also beginning to retool their solutions with the new API.

The types of customers that Bluelock serves are approximately 50% software as a service (SaaS) companies and 50% enterprise clients today. SaaS companies saw cloud as a way to be more efficient, deliver hosted applications, and enable enterprise capability. The Bluelock cloud appeals to enterprise customers who want to move quickly or manage IT overflow. VMware vCloud technologies enable success and increases innovation bandwidth. Companies who usually are able to implement one or two concurrent ideas now leverage the vCloud to try ten ideas with the same amount of resources. Companies are learning to fail faster at no cost to them thanks to Bluelock's cloud services.

Hosting lines are blurred
Herrod asserts that traditional hosting and cloud computing lines are now blurred. The ability to own a virtual datacenter merges host and cloud players from an infrastructure as a service perspective. Pat's states there are two phases in the platform as a service (PaaS) model. Phase one involves ISVs trying to get as cloud-like as possible while rewritin as few lines of code as possible. Phase two involves utilizing the available resources to initiate a PaaS system.

Hybrid cloud computing, delivering through the vCloud Director interface, has shifted customers to be more application-centric with vApps and the catalog tool. Bluelock's Cloud Connector was a response to customer demand to place vCloud within Virtual Center. The tool has since been replaced by the VMware vCloud Connector further enabling administrators to provision resources in the public cloud the same way they manage them in their private cloud.

Pat also touches on some of his personal interests and inspirations, sharing his toy rendering and prototyping hobby as well as his fond admiration for Apple's Steve Jobs whose "pure conviction for the user experience" is a quality often immitated but never replicated. Click the video to watch the interview.