September 26, 2012 Cloud News Report: Top Three This Week in Cloud

September 26, 2012 by Diana Nolting

Appearing each Wednesday, this Cloud News Report will compile our top three favorite cloud news stories from the past week.

Cloud Services Face Different Security Threats

A compelling look at cloud security, in this Information Week article, Charles Babcock examines AlertLogic’s recent study on security in on-premise datacenters vs. cloud-based datacenters.The central conclusion from the study states that despite common belief that on-premise is safer, both are equally risky, they are just vulnerable to different types of threats.
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Cloud Computing: From Hype to Reality

A look at the UK cloud industry from Cisco's perspective, Ian Foddering, Cisco's UK/IR CTO, details what they've seen happen in this ITProPortal article. The most important observation stated in the article? The UK cloud landscape has "tipped" and they've seen adoption take off. In this article Foddering explores UK's cloud hype past, the UK's current cloud preferences and Big Data's role in cloud.
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What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know about Cloud Computing

In this Nonprofit Quarterly article, John Hoffman looks at the specific impact cloud can have on nonprofits and NGOs. Hoffman quotes a recent TechSoup Global report that finds 90% of survey respondents (10,000 NGOs in 88 countries) were using cloud in some way. Hoffman quotes Rolando Brown from Grovo Learning as saying, "With cloud computing, people can focus more on being better at whatever it is they do rather than being experts at tehnology."
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