Everyone! Quickly! To the Cloud!

February 25, 2011 by Jon Corwin

Go Quickly With the Cloud - BlueLock at VMware Partner ExchangeCRN was surely busy hitting the hot spots at VMware’s annual Partner Exchange (PEX) event at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort earlier this month. Between keynote sessions and speaking with VMware executives and partners, the CRN team captured footage from the show floor.

Bluelock’s booth (pictured to the right) caught CRN’s attention. It seems the misinterpration of our banner’s message, ‘Go Quickly With the Cloud,’ served as great comic relief. CRN wrote:

"At first glance it looked as if Bluelock, an Indianapolis-based VMware partner, was urging customers to rush into cloud computing, which would have been somewhat bizarre and heavy handed. However, what Bluelock is actually saying is that the vCloud Datacenter Services can help companies get up to speed on the cost savings and efficiencies. Much better."

Yep, we are not so pretentious to go around telling people to rush into the coolest thing since sliced bread, cloud computing. But we will tell you how the cloud can help you quickly move your business forward and enable IT to finally start saying "yes" to the business. So please don’t go quickly to the cloud [insert business bruises from rushing into something here], go quickly with the cloud – once you’ve tested it and know what it’s good for and what it’s not.

By the way, VMware’s PEX is the place for VMware and its partners to meet up and discuss current market demand trends for virtualization as cloud. Hope you can make it next year!

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