The Cloud and Social Media

April 2, 2010 by Alicia Gaba
There can be a very spiky nature to website traffic, especially when you add in social media and its role in driving traffic.  Dan Bartow quotes: 

"when social media are done well and the users from numerous sources converge on a site, there’s an inevitable spike in traffic, often supercharged by leveraging social media."

"For example, Denny’s promotion during the Super Bowl increased traffic to their site 1700%. Companies are becoming increasingly proficient at cross-platform marketing. In particular, using social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, in conjunction with traditional media, is driving new levels of  traffic to websites."

This abundance of traffic is always a great situation for any company, but only if your site can handle it.  That’s where the beauty of cloud computing comes in.  Cloud computing can amplify the performance of your site with its elasticity and the ability to access capacity on demand.  I’m not talking about just throwing servers at a site – the right engineering has to be in place, whether you are in the cloud or not.  This is about creating a scalable solution, that is dynamic and efficient with resources.

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